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Upcoming Launches, Drops and Meta-Events!


ESA Foundation  GAMES FOR GOOD  December 13-17  Fanverse DROP!

Wherever we can help to inspire others to innovate, create and explore we do. In fact, that is our shared mission. And the first stage of this is donating a portion of the funds raised to support the Good of Games Initiative with our friends at the ESA Foundation and their partners: Black Girls Code, Girls Make Games and Gameheads. We are scheduling NFT Blind Box drops featuring LTD ED FTLX! avatars and branded collectibles!

20% of all proceeds will be used to fund programs which help diversify the video game and
other STEAM-related industries, to positively impact the lives of underrepresented young people.


International Space Teams  EXPO 2020 DUBAI  January 15-30, 2022  Mission LAUNCH!

For more than a half-century, Space Exploration has been an inspirational force in our society toward the development and application of science and engineering.  The International SpaceCRAFT Exploration Challenge gives students an incredible opportunity to participate in space exploration themselves - virtually.


As part of a mission team, students will literally design spacecraft, navigate to another planet, land their vehicle, build a planetary habitat, and explore a new planet to find resources in order to sustain human life.  Space may be the final frontier, but in the case of the immersive team at Space Teams International, it is always the launching point, we will be launching a special NFT drop to power the next mission, allowing an ever-expanding roster of astronauts - in training to compete for incredible prizes from the World EXPO in Dubai.


Sundance  ELEVATE LOUNGE  January 21-24, 2022  Meta-Celebration Launch! 

FTLX! Is excited to be debuting at Sundance with a meta-lounge filled with cool screenings, teases, swag drops and unique LTD ED NFTs. Many more surprises to follow, updates to come.

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FTLX! will be launching events, worlds and missions, dropping NFTS and incredible swag and offering land sales throughout 2022 and beyond with an ever-expanding roster of partners, whether it's evolving dinosaurs, exploring the vastness of space with NDT, battling demons and ascending to Paradise with Dante's Inferno, there will be worlds to be discovered and realities to be created.

We Integrate With Your World

Key to an open metaverse platform is being agnostic to media and content. In building worlds, we integrate fluidly the content and innovations of your world and your community to enrich and elevate the metaverse.

FTLX! is a metaverse platform that bridges content so that users can fluidly move from world to world individually or collaboratively.

The gaming industry is growing, FAST. The number of gamers sits at 3.24 billion per a recent report from Statista.  With the expansion of mobile network users across Latin America and Asia over the next decade this number will only continue to grow.

We provide intuitive ease of access to this ever-growing community and we want your world to be part of that.

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